Gymnastics is the basis for all sport. Children who take gymnastics classes learn gross motor control, spatial awareness, and coordination. They build strength and flexibility while gaining self-confidence, improving their social skills, and learn to persevere through challenges. Most importantly, children form strong friendships, play, and have FUN!

Preschool Gymnastics

Give your child a head start in sport and activity! We offer classes for babies 6-18 months old, parent and tot sessions for toddlers 18 months to 3 years, and gym kids classes for 3-4 year olds. Our carefully specialized curriculum focuses on developmental milestones, brain development, and the importance of play. 

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Co-Ed Gym Jam

Our Gym Jam program is designed for children ages 4-18, and balances skill mastery with whole child development. Gymnasts will practice skills on vault, bars, beam, floor, parallel bars, and trampoline, while simultaneously improving their overall fitness, improving their sense of balance and spatial awareness, and forming valuable social and personal skills, as well as building lasting memories.

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Co- Ed and Girls Advanced Levels

Gym Trixx is an advanced recreational gymnastics class for students who have completed all levels of the Gym Jam curriculum. The Gym Trixx program focuses on further developing the skills introduced in Gym Jam, and challenging gymnasts to reach for the stars. Girls classes will practice vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Boys classes will practice vault, high bar, parallel bars, floor, rings, pommel horse, and trampoline. Are you ready for a challenge?

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Our recreational tumbling program for children 5-18 focuses on floor and trampoline skills. This program is great for those gymnasts who just love to flip! Our expertly designed curriculum will take your gymnast safely from the foundations of tumbling through to challenging skills, while building a strong base of strength, flexibility, and proprioception.

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