Futures is immensely proud of our competitive programs. Our athletes learn dedication, perseverance, time management, and so much more while perfecting their skills and developing incredible strength and flexibility. Futures is recognized all over Canada for the talent and dedication of our competitive gymnasts and coaches. We welcome gymnasts from all backgrounds; as long as you are here to learn, we have a team for you. We take pride in helping young athletes grow into well-rounded people, and recognizing each and every athlete as a star in their own way.

Note: WAG = Women's Artistic Gymnastics. These athletes compete Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise. Power Tumblers compete tumbling skills on rod floor, although training will incorporate trampoline as well. 

If you are interested in joining one of our competitive teams, please reach out to the appropriate staff member (see each program), or to office@futuresgymnastics.com and we will be happy to help you find the team that is right for your athlete.

WAG Pre-competitive ( Mini and Developmental)

Our pre-competitive athletes range from 4-9 years old. This is a carefully constructed developmental program that prepares young gymnasts with a solid foundation of strength and flexibility, as well as basic skills, to move confidently into invitational or provincial teams.

Your pre-competitive gymnast can expect to train 6, 9, 12, or 16 hours per week, depending on their age and length of experience in the competitive program. Your gymnast will attend 2-3 competitions per year, generally in the spring.

Our pre-competitive coaches specialize in working with young athletes and are passionate about motivating gymnasts to be their best, and inspiring a deep love of sport. 

If you have an experienced pre-competitive gymnast or a young athlete who wants to enter the competitive world, please reach out to our head coach lawson@futuresgymnastics.com.

WAG Xcel

Xcel is a program that has emerged in Ontario within the last five years. This is a competitive stream that requires a lower financial and time commitment than other competitive gymnastics programs. There are currently three levels of Xcel in Ontario:

Bronze: 4 hours per week

Silver: 6 hours per week

Gold: 8 hours per week

Xcel is welcoming of all athletes, ranging from beginners with limited experience, to gymnasts looking for a program with a lower financial requirement, to older athletes looking for a way to continue the sport they love. The routine requirements and programmed curriculum created for Xcel teams allow each gymnast to showcase her strengths and practice what they are passionate about, giving every athlete the chance to shine.

If you are interested in joining an Xcel team, please reach out to please reach out to our head coach lawson@futuresgymnastics.com.

WAG Invitational, Provincial, & National (Compulsory and Optional)

Gymnasts aged 9 and up who are ready to move into a higher level will enter one of these teams. Invitational athletes compete locally, often 2-3 competitions in the months of January to June. Provincial athletes will attend 3 qualifying competitions to earn a chance to compete at the Ontario Championships, as well as an option to do Invitational Competitions. National athletes attend qualifiers and championships at a national level.

Your gymnast can expect to train anywhere between 9 to 25 hours per week, depending on their age and level of competition. 

Our competitive coaches are highly qualified, and passionately dedicated to helping athletes grow into their best selves. With your gymnast's best interests at heart, our coaches will guide athletes through the trials and successes of their gymnastics career. 

If you are an experienced competitive gymnast looking to call Futures home, please reach out to our head coach, lawson@futuresgymnastics.com.


Call: 905-819-9042

Email: office@futuresgymnastics.com

Visit: 6991 Millcreek Dr Unit 8 Mississauga ON L5N 6B9

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