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Wow!  A different theme every week:  

July 3-7 "Welcome to the Jungle"

Explore the wonders that are hidden in the Amazon Jungle? Does it have magical powers? Discover the jungle with a scavenger hunt and adventures.

July 10-14  "Upsidedowncrazybackwards"

Wow! Which way is up? Anything goes...Monday - crazy hair, Tuesday - wear it backwards, Wednesday - pajama day, Thursday- bring your favorite stuffed animal to watch the movie with, Friday is Blue day - everyone is wearing BLUE

July 17-21 "Blast from the Past"

Lets's explore the world before us! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday let's look at the many Dinosaurs that inhabited the earth. Thursday Indiana Jones shows us his favorite crusade. Friday is Jurassic Park Day, who is your favorite dinosaur?

July 24-28 "Shark Week"

Get ready for a JAW-some week during our shark week camp. This is a FINtastic, fun filled week of shark games, activities and shark themed crafts. So prepare to chomp down and dive in for shark week!

July 31-August 4  "Circus Week:  The Greatest Show on Earth"

Are you ready for a week full of carnival fun? Campers will participate in carnival classics including bean bag toss, guessing games, potato sack racing, and many more! Explore the magic of the circus tradition learning circus super stunts. Lots of activities to give campers the experience of a carnival, right here at camp! Join in on this camp for some carnival fun!

Aug 8-11 (4 day week) "How to become a Superhero!"

Let's work on your superpowers each day of the week. Tuesday - Superman - super speed , Wednesday - Wonderwoman (superhuman strength and speed as well as the ability to fly) Thursday- Spiderman (wall crawling, heightened senses) and Friday - Batman (relys on his intellect, fighting skills, and wealth).

Aug 14-18  "Bug Week:  What's Bugging You?"

Each day we will focus on a different insect. Monday - Ladybugs, Tuesday - butterflies, Wednesday - dragonflies, Thursday - bees, and Friday -beetles.

Aug 21-25 "Lego Week"

Combine your childs love of lego with our summer camp. Build and rebulld.... Lego my Lego.

August 28-September 1  "Smash Hits of the Summer"

What were your favourite parts of camp this summer? Children will vote each week all summer for their favourites. The last week of camp everyone will do their favourite activities from the entire summer. Come experience anything goes!


Times Available

Half Day 9:00am-12:30pm or 1:00pm-4:30pm  

Full Days 9:00am-5:00pm  

Registration is available for full week only

Activity/Ninja Camps: Ages 5+  (Age 4 upon request, please call)

Full Day  $295per week ($236 for short weeks due to holidays) 

Half Day  $185 per week  ($148 for short weeks due to holidays)

Specialty camps: Ages 6+

Half Day  $225 ($180 for short weeks due to holidays)

Full Day (2 Specialty Camps)  $375($300for short weeks due to holidays) 

Full Day (1 Specialty  + 1  Activity/Ninja)  $360($288for short weeks due to holidays) 

$50 non refundable deposit for Full Day; $25 non refundable deposit for Half day

*Full payment is due the Monday prior to camp beginning.  The fee is non-refundable at this time.

Activity Day Camp - No Hst

Ninja and Specialty Day Camps  - Hst applicable 

Any camp combined with a Ninja or Specialty camp- Hst applicable

*******Before and after care available upon request

Futures 2023-24 Specialty Camps: 

Cheer Camp Weeks 2,4,6,8 ONLY (Age 6+): 


Half Days - $225 (short week $180) *HST applicable

PM 1:00pm-4:30pm

Full Days available when combining with another half day camp -See pricing above

Cheer Intensive Camp:   Coming Soon



Ninja Dragon Camp (Ages 5+)


Bring out your inner Dragon with Adventures and Challenges Ages 5+-  Young children thrive when using their imaginations and bodies at the same time.  Each day of camp brings a new thrilling adventure that guides them through physical skills and obstacles to solve a challenge.  This brings a sense of Adventure and a desire to learn the skills to be the hero in the story! They will learn cooperation and cooperative play, problem solving, agility, balance, strength and skills.  

Full Days- $295 (short week $236) *HST applicable


Half Days - $185(short week $148) *HST applicable

9:00am-12:30pm or 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Half Days can be combined with other Specialty Camps to make Full Days. See pricing above.

Tumbling Camp: Weeks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (Ages 6+)


Half Days - $225 (short week $180) *HST applicable  


AM 9:00am to 12:30pm

Intensive Camp- $225 (short week $180) *HST applicable.

* for Competitive Cheer, Gymnastics and Dance 

PM 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Full Days available when combining with another half day camp.  See pricing above



Call: 905-819-9042


Visit: 6991 Millcreek Dr Unit 8 Mississauga ON L5N 6B9

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