Futures Gymnastics

Futures opened in 1991 to help bring the sport of gymnastics to kids in a child- and athlete-centered manner.  It was, and is, our goal to ensure that every child feels valued, successful and, most importantly, happy.

Our Top 5 Goals

1.  Safety  We have a hyper-focus on ensuring the safety of the children both physically and emotionally.  We ensure that we consider safety first in all decisions.  We focus on having quality programs, training, equipment, and staff that come together to bring safety to the forefront.  Additionally, we focus on preventing bullying, harassment, teasing and other unsafe behaviours to help children feel safe.  

2.  Caring Adult  We feel that after safety, our next most important focus is providing every child with adults that care about them and their uniqueness, who care about helping a child feel loved, valued, respected, and important.  This leads to improving safety again, helping children communicate their needs and desires for their growth, and provide an environment that allows them to thrive.

3.  HIGH FIVE  We are proud to be a High Five Accredited Organization.  We are the only private business, sports organization and gymnastics club that has this special designation.  We have now re-accredited 4 times.  This means that we have shown that our staff, programs, facilities and policies are all proven to be child centered and that we represent a high quality choice for parents.  This designation is only given after proving that every decision we make is done in support of this goal.  High Five Ontario reviews our policies yearly, reviews our program evaluations throughout the year, provides training for our staff and is examined by experts in the area of child development.

4.  Engagement  We know that children need to laugh and love to be part of a sport that engages them in physical activity and helps them love to learn.  Being entertained helps kids stay engaged in their learning, makes them more excited to continue participating, and makes learning a blast!

5.  Innovative Systems  We strive to have systems that not only ensure consistent quality, but that are innovative and industry leading.  We will do this by continuous learning from all our staff, hiring quality leaders and staying informed about best practices in our industry and exceeding them.

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Call: 905-819-9042

Email: office@futuresgymnastics.com

Visit: 6991 Millcreek Dr Unit 8 Mississauga ON L5N 6B9

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