Our Dragon Warrior program combines gymnastics, tumbling, parkour, and martial arts into one extraordinary class. Your high-energy child will love running, jumping, swinging, climbing, and flipping through our incredible obstacle courses and rigs.

Little Dragons (18m-3y)

Introduce your little one to sport and activity with our Parent and Tot-style Little Dragons program. With your help, your toddler will practice rolling, jumping, climbing, and moving in every direction. Our specialized curriculum will guide your Little Dragon through tons of developmental milestones -- physical, social, and cognitive -- through a world of fun and adventure.

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Dragon Explore (3y-4y)

Got a preschooler with energy to spare? Dragon Explore is a high-energy, fast-moving class that teaches young Dragon Warriors how to move and explore their world safely. With an even balance of guided instruction and child-led play, your little Dragon Warrior will develop their gross motor skills, coordination, and social skills while having the time of their life. 

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Dragon Adventure (5y-7y)

This is the class for your active kiddos! Your Dragon Warrior will learn a combination of gymnastics, parkour, and martial arts, while making their way through a different creative adventure every week. Our skilled instructors will lead your child through a wide variety of exercises and challenges that build strength, balance, spatial awareness, and more, while encouraging imagination and creative problem-solving. 

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Dragon Challenge (8y and up)

Ready for more? The Dragon Challenge program encourages Dragon Warriors to be their very best, through perseverence and dedication. Your athlete will focus in on tougher skills, build strength, and talk every class about what it means to be a true Dragon Warrior.

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