The Power Tumbling Program

What is Power Tumbling?

Our Power Tumbling program is a specialized discipline of gymnastics where athletes perform a series of flips and twists down a spring runway, taking off from a designated point and landing on a mat. It combines strength, agility, and acrobatics in a dynamic display of skill.

What are they going to be working on?

In our Power Tumbling program, athletes will work on a range of skills from basic rolls and cartwheels to advanced flips and twists. Depending on the level, athletes will also work on building strength, flexibility, and endurance, refining routines, and preparing for competitions.

Why am I joining competitive vs rec, and what's the difference?

Joining the competitive track as opposed to the recreational (rec) track means that you're seeking a more rigorous training regimen. This is aimed at refining your skills to compete at local, regional, or even national events. Choosing the competitive route is for those who are dedicated, disciplined, and have a fervent passion for the sport, desiring to push their boundaries and shine in competitions.

On the other hand, the recreational (rec) track is designed for individuals who wish to learn the basics of tumbling, relish the sport, and remain active. The emphasis here is on fun, fitness, and mastering fundamental skills, all without the pressures of competition. So, in essence, while both tracks offer training, the competitive track is geared towards those with aspirations to compete, while the rec track is more relaxed, focusing on enjoyment and basic skill acquisition.

Levels in Tumbling

Pre-comp: This is the introductory level for athletes who are new to the competitive scene. They focus on mastering foundational skills and routines while getting acclimated to a competitive environment.

Interclub: Athletes at this level participate in friendly competitions. It's a step up from pre-comp and helps athletes gain experience in a competitive setting without the high stakes of higher-level competitions.

Provincial: Athletes engage in competition against peers from throughout the province. With a diverse range of skill levels present, participants have access to a broader array of competition opportunities.

National: This is the highest level of competition where athletes represent their province and compete against the best from across the country. They're showcasing advanced skills and routines, often with the aim of gaining national titles or selection for international events.

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